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Junkcarqueensny has been the go to place to sell a junk car in Queens NY for many customers over the years.
Our friendly staff is highly experienced and has vast knowledge in the junk car buyer business. They will make it fast & easy and will make your selling a junk car experience a breeze from start to finish. You will be in contact with the same people you can rely on to set your vehicle schedule pickup, and get paid all in the same day in most of occasions within 1 hour or so.

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Junk my Car


Selling your junk car to Junk Car Queens, NY, is the best decision you can make today. Junk Car Queens, NY, is a locally owned and operated business, based in NYS. Our scrap car purchase services are very easy and fast.

All-condition purchase

We accept any junk car without regard for its year, make, or model. All we just ensure is that you get the satisfying cash for your junk car. It does not matter what condition your junk car is in, we will buy your junk car like that. Even when you do not have the titles, we will still buy your junk car. All we are concerned about is making sure that you can remove your junk car from your yard. We are also interested in seeing you get cash for your junk cars. Our services cover a wide range of models. For example, van, minivan, truck, SUV, sedan 2 doors, and many other types of scrap vehicle at your disposal.

Taking care of sales paperwork

Our filling practice is very simple and easy. Also, we take care of everything that has to do with paperwork. Junk Car Queens, NY, has established itself for a very long time. Making itself well known for sealing off cash for scrap car deals from Queens college area to Fresh Meadows and beyond. We can do this very easily because we understand all the laws that are involved in getting cash for junk cars.

Top price

We offer good cheese for your junk car. At Junk Car Queens, NY, we always pay for your junk car what it is worth. Right in front of you, we decide how much the vehicle is worth, and that is exactly how much we hand over to you. No extra charges, no half-pay, all we do is pay you in cash and tow away the trash vehicle. Our payment on the spot is unchanging, and it is the best. There are no disagreements or quarrels. We hand you over the cash, and we take the junk car.

Free round the town towing service

We are fast at showing up once you call. You do not have to go anywhere to sell your junk car in Brooklyn, NY, Junk Car Queens, NY, will come to you. There is no need to book an appointment. You do not even have to show up at our junkyard. Our free towing services reach every part of New York City’s largest and most diverse region, Queens. Where ever you are in any of the 91 distinct Queens neighborhoods, Junk Car Queens, NY, will come, pay you on the spot, and tow away the junk car for free.

Same day service

Our service runs through the week and continues well into the weekends. Any day you call us, you can be sure that we will be at your doorstep before you drop the call. We do not delay your chance to get cash for a junk car, not by a minute and certainly not by a day. We have met customers at the Museum of the Moving Image, Queens Botanical Garden, and so on.

24/7 service

Late-night decisions are also welcome. All you need to do is call Junk Car Queens, NY. No matter what time of the day it is, we will be there. Your early morning calls will not be ignored too. Also, noontime services are madly ready to serve you.
We have been buying junk cars for a long time now. Junk Car Queens, NY, offers the best cash for your junk car service in the Queens, NY area. Even if your junk vehicle was around New York Hall of Science, we will still be there to give you your quote and tow the vehicle. Junk Car Queens, NYā€™s Get Cash for Your Junk Car is highly recommended by many individuals in the Queens, NY area. Be a part of the people making a positive contribution to the ecosystem by selling your junk car to Junk Car Queens, NY. And you will be paid well.

Our Customer Say

Located in Queens, NY We Buy Junk Cars For Cash in All 5 Borough’s Of NYC & Nassau County Long Island. Because Our Staff Members Are Knowledgeable in Buying Junk Cars The Process of Selling A Junk Car With Us Is Simple And Easy. Give Us A Call And Let Us Know How We Can Help. In Addition You Can Expect Prompt on Time, Professionalism, Best Value, & Experience Most of All We Take Pride In Our Working Relationship With Our Customers. All Services Are Available 7 Days Week
Jean Pierre <span class="alignRight"> 05/10/20</span>
Jean Pierre 05/10/20
Canarsie Brooklyn, NY
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Called to get a junk car picked up from my property. The guy was quick and efficient less than 45 minutes. I recommend to everyone.
Karen Johnson<span class="alignRight"> 2/16/2020</span>
Karen Johnson 2/16/2020
Forest Hills Queens
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Quick and efficient professional and painless the entire process took less than an hour of my initial call. Definitely Recommend
Big Pete <span class="alignRight"> 11/16/2019</span>
Big Pete 11/16/2019
Maspeth Queens, NY
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Quick and efficient professional and painless the entire process took less than an hour of my initial call. Definitely Recommend
Fernando <span class="alignRight"> 07/02/2020</span>
Fernando 07/02/2020
Hampstead, NY
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Sell me 2001 toyota pay me good money fast guys
Betriz Sanchez <span class="alignRight"> 09/17/2020</span>
Betriz Sanchez 09/17/2020
Hunts Point Bronx, NY
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This company was quick to pickup my 1998 maxima with a bad engine. What impressed me most of all was he stepped out of the tow truck waving my cash payment in his hand Highly Recommended
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junkcarqueensny is one of the best service in Queens Ny
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